The Championship League Series All-Star Games

The Championship League Series is hosted by Larry Menedez of YBOA. The league was held at Mansfield ISD Danny Jones MS, and had girls’ teams from all over the DFW metroplex and surrounding counties. It was some very strong girls’ teams that took part in the league, and they were; DC Queens, Team Motivate, EBA Elite, Ballas Elite, Stephenville Shock, T.F.E., H.I.T., B.I.G. D.O.G.G.S. and DFW Hawks.

 All-Star weekend consists of players from all the teams who played in the Championship League Series 2018. The first game of the day is from the Class of 2024 girls. The players that stood out during the 2024 girls All-Star game are #27 Alina Martin (Team Motivate), Handles the ball with ease, quick and is very aggressive on defense. #10 Grace Sweeney (H.I.T. Basketball), When you say floor general, she is one. She got her teammates involved, has a nice shooting game as well and very aggressive on defense. #35 Chloe Mann (Team Motivate), When I say a dog, I mean a dog. She is aggressive, sees the floor very well, a hustler and she grind very hard. She gets her team involved and have a mean jump-shot. #23 Madison Griggs (H.I.T. Basketball), She has the playing style to be one of the top players in her class. She is very aggressive, strong on the board, focus and plays very hard. She has a nice shooting game to add to what she already brings to the game. These young ladies have a lot to bring to the game. And they shown us why they were chosen to be in the All-Star game.

Cynthia F. Guillory