Dear Everybody,

This is my end of summer rants from the NCAA Live Events. These are in no certain order. And I’m sure some of my peeps will find the humor in these rants.

The NCAA viewing period has brought out a lot of foolishness from parents, coaches, event directors and media services. And all I can do is SMDH.

The travel teams are going to events to end of playing teams from their own backyard. Who fault is that, some say the event directors, I say it’s the bracket faults, on the real it’s the event director’s fault and the coaches for not communicating to the event host.

Teams coming back lying about what division of play they won. Teams not showing up to games, parents fighting among their selves, player getting in trouble because they got caught stealing, drinking or smoking weed.

PARENTS: Stop complaining so much about the refs’ calls throughout the game. Because on the real what’s your complaining about isn’t the right terminology!

There is a new sickness going around and it’s called “Delusional Parent Disorder (DPD)” meaning; experiences an extremely biased perspective of their kid in sports. While this condition is not a confirmed psychological condition, most if not all parents suffer from it, just at varying degrees! Parents it’s

Players with these messed up attitudes is killing the game. And I blame a lot of that on their parents who brought them into the world and the coaches who coach them. A Child’s behavior won’t change until adult behavior changes.

Well dang here we go with these offers tweets, how bout tweet when you sign on the line. Some coaches & players are doing to much for real! I and others feel they are attention seekers. Now don’t get me wrong it’s great to get them offers, my things is do you qualified for said school? I have a question for you. Do you have the grades? Will you fit in with the level of play? Small things that makes you say hmmmmm.

Sometimes club basketball can and will bring out so much negativity that all we can do is SMH and hope, pray and watch that it will get better.

Please, please handlers stop pumping up this player’s heads like you do! I understand that you feel that they are your payday, and if that’s so train and teach them the right way, so the payday will be greater.

This is my number 1 rant! Since when is everyone D1 material? So many people are pushing D1 on players, that they miss the bigger picture. A lot of successful athletes started out or played with JUCO, NAIA, & D2 teams. And in all realness FREE is FREE! Remember this golden rule; everyone who plays sports isn’t D1 players or even close to it! So players STOP waiting on that D1 offer and take who wants you! And parents stop pushing D1 schools on your child when you did play on that level, and your child isn’t on that level period. Sometimes living though your child can be dangerous.

In closing for now, here is a statement that everyone can relate to. Life is in continuous motion, even though it doesn’t always feel like it. Once you start seeing your life as perpetual motion, it will be easier to imagine change. Life is like the eye of a tornado: the calm, which could be your mind and purpose against the unpredictability and adversity of life, which is the actual tornado.


Cynthia F. Guillory