Dear Coaches, Trainers and Event Directors,

This message is for you and the tactic that’s done to destroy the world of youth sports. The area of change starts with YOU!

Our game has been hijacked by artificial coaches (clubs), trainers and event directors that are simply savage recruiters. Coaches that assemble star studded teams that win at the youth level, but develop players with overgrown egos and poor character. Two self destructive traits that will never get you anywhere near the top.

You need to lose, you need to suffer, you need to be relied on, you need to be valued and you need to be able to deal with adversity every single day if you want to posses the most important ingredient of all…..CHARACTER!

Trainers who suppose to be teaching the athletes what to do on the court are showing them the wrong way of what is suppose to be done the right way. This shows that their CHARACTER isn’t in the right place!

Event Directors put tournaments together with false info, allowed teams to cheap, are very unorganized, rude staff and the refs are horrible. No rules as to how the event is to take place, No tournament Pool/Bracket play posted anywhere. With this its show they too have NO CHARACTER!

Character doesn’t come by being a part of an elite club of foolishness, it comes from the beginning of how you where raised. And a lot of time GREED makes your CHARACTER look shady!

Too many people (OG’s) have laid the foundation for there to be any form of club teams, trainers or events. For all these new school people to come and destroy what others have built, because of greed and uneducated ways, the athletes will suffer more than anyone else.

Until we go back to giving the game back to the communities and letting our youth play with freedom while building character, the current system will continue to develop players that will never make a difference at the highest level.

We all need the courage to act, and to believe in something new. And if WE want change WE must act! In order for this to happen we first need to learn to communicate with each other……openly and honestly. Time out with the FOOLISHNESS and get back to what’s right for the kids!


Cynthia F. Guillory