Dear People,

Sometimes I feel that our culture has become too obsessed with the idea of finding happiness. Advertising is constantly bombarding us with products, and lifestyles that promise to make our lives better and easier.

While I am a big believer in seeking contentment in life, I know that I’m not going to find it with the help of a breakfast cereal or specific car model. Moreover, I don’t believe it is possible to achieve a constant state of happiness. Just think about it, the feeling of being intensely happy never lasts for long. Yes, we can be happy about a new job, extra money or even a bigger car, but such feelings of happiness and elation are fleeting.

The people who seem to have the most contentment in life have something that brings them a sense of purpose. It could be a creative project, involvement helping others or even a spiritual quest. In my case, I have discovered that my work as a sports consultant/coach/mentor is what makes me feel good. However, it is different for everyone and this is what I share with my clients when they come to me needing direction or lacking enthusiasm in their business lives. I ask them to think about the things that bring meaning to their life and that give them a sense of purpose and then look for ways to fulfill that purpose.

Sometimes it could be something as small as taking a little walk in nature, tending a garden or calling to check up on a friend or neighbor. The positive feelings these moments bring are mean to be savored. There are many ways to experience contentment in your life. You just have to find what works for you. In my experience, once you start this process, it becomes easier and easier. It is about taking the time to honor our selves and those around us.

People, look over your forecast for this week and be on the lookout for ways to bring contentment into your life.


Cynthia F. Guillory