A Copy Cat can “NEVER’’ be an ORIGINAL!

Teams/Programs that can’t train and or develop their own athletes from scratch, run into problems when they can no longer steal them from teams/programs that can.

The sad part is that by the time the parent and the kid realize that they are not getting better or progressing to another skill level, their parents have just wasted funds on book  bags, tennis shoes, vacations, and for meals, etc, it’s too late!

Once you’ve been brain washed into being marketed as a role player, it is what it is. That’s how the scouts and analysts see you and they speak to it very vividly. They say it out loud, “their just a role player”.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being role players, if that’s all you want to be.

Go ahead, say it to yourself –“I’m just a role player” or “I’m a non-factor on this team”. Please understand that if this is your mind set, don’t expect to go far.

The point I’m making is, that all copy cat organizations only produce role players! Reason being; they don’t take the time out to develop the players that they have with-in their own organization, because they are too busy bashing, demeaning, stealing players or copying others organization in effort to get ahead. When they get to that point of doing all of the above I say RUN!

ARE YOU AN ORIGINAL? Or a KNOCK-OFF?  Can you do anything original or do you look to see what everybody else is doing and Just Copy It? If you’re going to copy at least give them credit! Don’t just steal it and keep moving like you created it yourself!

Parents, this is the truth; please start doing your research on anyone who is coaching or training your child, because there are a lot of trainers, and coaches that wants to say they have your student-athlete best interest, but in real life they don’t!.

Parents it’s time for you be an original and stop doing what others are doing and STAND-OUT above the non-sense!

To All the student-athletes “BE ORIGINAL” and let the copy cats –follow you!

To All Club Coaches time to educate yourself on what’s right so you can be able to lead your organization on the right path.

Time to be ORIGINAL!


Cynthia F. Guillory