Dear Parents,

Just a FYI for you to understand what Fall League is really about. Like school coaches, and travel coaches we use fall league to see new faces, and how old faces improved over the summer. But unlike other travel teams, I use it to evaluate parents as well. Why because no matter what team you play for parents are part of the recruiting process and coaches will shy away from programs that have too many difficult parents, unless that player is a can’t miss player.

The other reason is because there’s a different commitment level even during school ball. You ask how is it different? Well let me explain, we have to teach things that school coaches don’t have time to teach, we work on getting them ready for the next level, we deal with attitudes, and last thing we run college level offense and defense and expectations are high so we have to open up mindsets.

This past summer showed us a lot. We had a lot of new players who didn’t come in during the winter to train, and learn playing on a different level beyond high school and it showed on the circuit we played on. Not everyone in the area plays on the circuit that we are on. Which is why, I find it funny that they (club coaches) would think I would recruit any of their players or the same caliber of player that they chase.

There’s a difference between trophy chasing and scholarship teams. The mindsets of parents would do well to learn the difference. Last thing we travel a lot we don’t go to tournaments just to say we went or the name of the tournament, we go to those tournaments because it’s where the schools that best fits our girls are going to be, and they will be showcased and playing against quality teams. That is why you don’t see us at some of the bigger events in Texas because you could pay $650-$900 and be at a middle school that no one is in. Yes you get the win, and yes you played in the tournament but what did you accomplish? Some can answer and some can’t. But I will answer for you, NOTHING!   So if you’re ever approached by one of our coaches know they aren’t blowing smoke when they say they want your daughter to come tryout with us. They see something in them.

We have taken players who sucked on their school teams. From A or B teams, Freshman JV and varsity and help them turn it around. That’s all God’s doing of course. Now we do watch as many games as we can, and we might miss some players of course, and we’re just an email or phone call away.

Now you are going to hear some bitter people who will speak negative about us of course, find out for yourself and you will see something totally different. We can only do what the Creator is guiding us to do.

Yours in basketball,

William Donald