Grind for the Title Basketball Showcase at Ygnacio HS

The first Friday Night game action was between Kennedy vs Vallejo HSG. The game started off a little slow and ruff. Both teams had a lot of turnovers, the intensity was on level ten. At halftime the score is Kennedy 31 vs Vallejo 13. The high scorer for Kennedy #5 China Young 12 points to close out the 1st half of play. The game got a little out of control, with emotions flying everywhere in the second half of play. Once the coaches calm their players down it was a better game. Players of the game #15 Raven Powell-Vallejo HS and #13 Sucareiana Daniels-Kennedy HS. Both played with passion and intensity to keep their teams motivated and in the game. Kennedy ended up the winner of the battle.

Second game of the night is between Ygnacio HS vs Burton HS. Now this game was a lot more discipline and the level of play reflects what both coaches are doing with their programs. The game is very close and as they close out the 1st half the score is tied at 29. The 1st half is lead by #1 Ngan Tran-Burton HS 11 points and #2 Auxanne Beugre-Ygnacio HS 10 points. Second half started off a little slow and by the end of the third quarter both teams realize it’s was time to battle. The game went back and forth the whole 4th quarter with. The final score Burton HS 58 and Ygnacio HS 49. Players of the game went to #1 Ngan Tran-Burton HS and #3 Aliza Roland-Ygnacio HS.

Third game of the night is between Oakland HS vs Clovis North HS. When I say a fast pace game, I mean that. Right at the start of the game it looked like a track meet. Both teams pressed full court and created several turnovers. Ball movement was excellent and the defense was great with both teams. Then you have #5 Morgan Dunbar-Oakland HS creating havoc, with her deep 3. It was a back and forth game of who can shoot, who could create turnovers or who just play. So the start of the 2nd half starts off with #5 Morgan Dunbar hitting another deep 3, then creating several turnovers. End of the 3rd quarter Clovis North 50 and Oakland 26. Clovis North team consists of mostly sophomores and will be looking to make a deep run for the playoffs. The players of the game were #5 Morgan Dunbar-Oakland and #14 Rowan Hein-Clovis North. North Clovis ended up defeating Oakland HS 63-44.


Cynthia F. Guillory