Greeting everyone,

I had the opportunity to sit down and speak to an up and coming young man name Legend Barrett. He attends Mansfield Lake Ridge, and plays club basketball with RM5. He is 6’4 and is in the graduating class of 2019. What I witness from watching Legend play is his ability to be an aggressive re-bounder, running the floor and a great team-mate. I sat down and ask Legend a few questions:

Me: What brought you to Texas?

Legend: My father is in the military and his job transfer him from Augusta, Georgia to Dallas, Texas

Me: So what do your grades look like and have you started the process of taking the SAT/ACT?

Legend: My grades are great, I have no choice because my parents will kill me lol. I’m preparing myself to start taking the SAT/ACT this summer and school year.

Me: What camps have you attended so far?

Legend: I have attended the Scout Focus camp. the Jr. Future 150 Camp. the Fab Frosh Camp, and planning on attending several college camps also

Me: What do you feel you need to improve on?

Legend: My three point shooting and becoming a better two-way player.

Me: What do you mean a better two-way player?

Legend: Having an all-around game from ball handling, playing inside/out game, and being a great team-mate on and off the court.  You can never stop working!

Me: Besides playing for your school team and club team, do you train beyond them.

Legend: Since I been in Texas I have been training with Bridge Basketball Academy. And I do a lot of workouts on my own also.

Me: So Legend what motivates you?

Legend: My mother and father motivate me every day, to continue to push hard to be the best that I can on and off the court. I want to give my parents the world back, because they have given me so much.

Me: So tell me what’s the different between your school ball and your club team ball?

Legend: In my HS we try and play a high pace game and it’s very intense and we are a defense minded team, that we all have a goal of making the playoffs and winning a State Championship. AAU is more of a show talent, and there is a lot of one on one style of play, very hyped and everyone’s goal it to impress the college coaches.

Me: So who do you want your game to be like or your favorite player?

Legend: My favorite players are Lebron James and Tim Duncan. I want my game to be somewhat like Tim Duncan because we play the same position.

Me: So in closing what are you vision and plans for your future?

Legend: I just want to continue to work hard and achieve the goal of being a better player, I want to get into college and play the game that I love. And get to another level so I can help my parents for all that they have done for me.

All I can say is Legend is one great kid that his parents should be very proud of. And he will make a great team-mate for any college that will chose him as a student-athlete. Also if you want to follow Legend on Twitter: @Legend_Barrett


Cynthia F. Guillory