Dear Parents,

This is a message for you, and how you’re helping to destroy the nature of sports. These are my thoughts and these are my opinions.

I have been noticing a huge change or as the church folks say a shifting in my spirit. People or should I say parents have become so dramatic that one would think they are out on the playing field instead of their kids. Some are quick to say that majority of today players have an entitlement spirit, but I beg to differ. It’s the parents who have the entitlement spirit! Some parents feel that they need perks in order for their child to play with certain programs. And you wonder why those players I mean parent have been on so many difference teams. Because they think they are entitle to certain items. I’m like get off the gas!

Are kids too sensitive now? Yes…parents too…it is one of the things destroying High school, Middle school and club sports.

Parents are making these air condition kids have a soft behavior, making them a selfish player, and having a disrespectful spirit to coaches and teammates. Once a coach get on them for what they are doing wrong and take the necessary action of discipline from raising their voices at them, making them do extra running, or any type of punishment parents will inherently mistake discipline for abuse! Why? Because there has never been discipline at home.. Parents are too busy trying to be their friend and not being a parent. So now the coach job is on the line. Because parents don’t want their Lil JoJo, Lil RayRay, Lil Becky, Lil whatever name they have to be told what to do!  That’s the entitlement spirit of foolishness.

Some may ask why that player is acting that way. Hmmmmm let’s see, the parents are at home talking bad about the coaches in front of their child, parents are always talking negative about other players, talking about parents and the best one telling the kid they are the best on the team.

I feel this generation and their parents are really weak minded with thin skin, and having low self esteem is really getting on my last nerve!

Parents need to STOP pampering these players and help them realize life will always throw you punches and will beat you down! It’s a matter of  the parents getting out the way and showing or teaching their child about being respectful sticking up for their self and showing their coaches that they knows how to work hard, how to be respectable, a team player and own up to whatever mistakes they have made.

Parents please STOP thinking your child is the best thing since slice bread! STOP getting mad at the coach, because they sat your child down. Some parents don’t even realize that their child is very un-coachable. I heard a parent state “You can’t sit my daughter down, she is rank in the state”! I’m like she needs to sit down because she want listen, she can’t play defense, she just have a lot of can’t. Teach them to listen and have respect for others and they will get the playing time they deserve. Parents do is all a favor and STOP trying to coach from the sidelines.

Parents please STOP getting caught up in all these ranking and get caught up on helping your child reach a level of excellence on and off the playing field.

Parents, you have to look in the mirror and understand YOUR action can or will destroy what your child is working on.


Cynthia F. Guillory