Dear Student-Athletes,

What happens when you come up against a situation in life that you aren’t able to resolve and don’t want to accept? It’s what I call being caught between a rock and a hard place, and it is undoubtedly a difficult place to be. However, I am here to say that when you do find yourself in such a situation, all is not lost!

Recently one of my student-athlete came to me with a problem that they didn’t want to accept and wasn’t ready to let go of the fact that they lost their starting position on the team. My advice to them was that they should be open and accepting to the situation. I told them when the coach made the change, and the reason for the change is because YOU stop doing what kept YOU in that spot! Unfortunately, it was not the answer they were hoping for, and they were very frustrated with my answer.

However, a couple of weeks later they called to thank me for my guidance and then they shared a story with me. They explained that once they finally freed their self of the emotional hold that the situation had over them and accepted things the way they were, something very surprising happened. An inspired thought occurred to them that took them in a new direction and solved their problem! They stated that they now understood why acceptance was the key to change, and they was very happy and relieved to have learned that lesson. The lesson they learned was that in order to stay on the highest level, they have to keep pushing forward and NOT be lazy. Being lazy or “complacent” cost them their starting position.

Always remember something magical does happen when you are able to accept what is. Accepting reality doesn’t mean giving in or giving up. It means you accept things for what they are, rather than the way you want them to be. When this happens, you free your mind to look for solutions and opportunities that you weren’t aware of beforehand because you had been focusing on the problem instead of the solution.

This is an excellent example of the power the mind holds and how it can really help YOU get what YOU want. I hope this message gives YOU hope and the confidence to deal with any challenges YOU are facing now, and that your week brings YOU positive solutions and opportunities. Remember life will bring all kinds of challenges for YOU to understand, it’s all part of the growing process of LIFE!


Cynthia F. Guillory