Dear Student-athlete

Please stop sabotaging yourself and realize your true destiny.

Stop dwelling on the past, about what coach that did this, or what coach who didn’t do this. It’s time to let that go and focus on the right now. You’ve come a long way, but you still have so much you want/need to accomplish. My question is why are you selling yourself short and sabotaging yourself? My thing is get out and prove to yourself and the naysayer your worth, on and off the playing field of sports.

You will discover so many ways in which you start to focus on yourself that you will infuse yourself with the confidence to attract what’s inside of you. You will see your life take a dramatic turn for the better, because YOU have self confidence, self pride, and the willingness to keep working hard. Being a student-athlete can be hard without balance and understanding of the process.

In order to get the maximum reward from being a student-athlete you must activate your inner self! Learn to take time-out for YOU! Learn to let YOUR body heal from all injuries! Learn to balance all things i.e. Spiritual choices, School, sports, family and social life. Once you get a grip on these your will then understand the process.

Trust me, Student-athlete you’re ready! You just got to have a mindset of confident and finally be ready for the next level! And please don’t hesitate again! And never sabotage yourself for no one or nothing!


Cynthia F. Guillory