Dear Student-Athletes,
Have you ever found yourself struggling with a difficult relationship, struggling to stay focus in class, struggling in whatever sports your in or a less than satisfying job, only to wonder what in the world could possibly be the underlying reason for your struggle? Certainly nearly everyone questions an unpleasant situation at some point in life. Some student-athletes often come to me seeking help to understand such circumstances they are going though.
What I invariably share with them, along with an understanding of their life makeup and tendencies, is that many things that we don’t like or that don’t make sense to us can actually end up being a gift, even if we aren’t able to recognize that immediately. Situations that seem unjust, unfair or even boring can become our greatest learning experiences. These are the lessons we carry with us through life. The key to finding the gift in a situation is to find the blessing in it.
Student-Athletes should you find yourself in a situation that you don’t like and/or don’t understand, my advice to you, is to start off by trying to think about the good that could possibly come from it. You might have to look hard, but if you really put your mind to it, you can usually come up with something.
Next, consider it from the standpoint of a learning experience. What lessons can you learn from the situation to help you avoid another one like it in the future? Mistakes are our greatest teachers, so take the opportunity to look at any mistakes you may have made as objectively as you can so that you can improve your future choices and responses.
In almost every case, there is a worse scenario that could have existed. This factor may make it easier to think about the positive side to your current situation as opposed to feeling overwhelmed by the negative.
Student-Athletes, I hope you will take some time this week to consider any difficult situations you may be dealing with and think about the positive possibilities. This mindset can do wonders for your outlook, as well as reduce your stress and help you achieve things that you might have previously thought impossible. It’s all about perspective!
Cynthia F. Guillory