Here is an Real honest look at the life of a Travel/Club Coaches Life.

This is a look into what coaching looks like for the majority of youth sports travel team coaches. The arguments with parents, the arguments with the spouses, the time given players parents who forget it’s not about them it’s about the players. Being an emotional crutch for parents, and sometimes that’s ok. The fundraising events and only a few participants show-up.

Then the player’s school season comes around with the $20 cards they all in. But want bust their butts to help the club team raise the necessary funds that’s going to help them also.

There is a lot of criticism rather you’re successful or not. You take in kids who think they can play and kids who can play. And your challenges are to raise their confidence and basketball IQ no matter their skills level. You teach them it’s ok to lose if you gave your best effort not just your all. You teach them how to win with class in most cases. You teach them it doesn’t matter what people say about you who think in a small box and have no vision beyond today. You teach them when to take a stand against those same people.

We teach them nothing in life is free so don’t come here looking for a handout no matter who you are. We teach them respect is earned. The same people who are gossiping to you are gossiping about you. We teach them you will never please the people you want to, so play the game with respect and understanding.

Missing practice for various reasons, when we watch them never miss a school practice no matter how early or how late. We have the same expectations as their school coaches.

Club coaches come out of pocket more than it’s talked about. Club coaches are going to be told NO on practice facilities, and sometimes NO on sponsorships and we don’t stop until we finally find that yes. I could go on and on but the most important thing is most club team coaches get paid a whole $0.00 to do deal with all the ego’s, parents, negativity talk and trying to keep the organization together. So next time anyone who reads this fix their mouth to criticize a volunteer club coach who’s traveling all around the country to help your child, ask yourself did you give your maximum effort to help them?

Next time someone comes up and say don’t play for this team or that team because I heard whatever, do yourself a favor and ask yourself this; Why are they downing another program? Makes you wonder what their motives are. Either way learn to understand that a lot of us are in it for the right reason and some aren’t. I hope you can get a better understanding about what we sacrifice to help your child reach a level of greatness.

Parent and players learn to say thank you to the club coach who is busting their all to help you.


William Donald