Dear basketball player,

As I watched you and several teams play these past weekends in April during the NCAA live period, I noticed that there were some players that stood out right off the bat, and then there was YOU.  I could see that those players that stood out put in the necessary work to be seen on the court and played well with their team. They set themselves apart from others by focusing on what they need to do to improve their skills and enhance their overall game.  My question to you is real simple, “What are YOU doing to stand out”?

No matter whom you play for or whom you train with, YOU, as an athlete, have to make sure you work on your craft 365 days a year!  Focus on what you need to do to improve and don’t worry about what the others are doing or saying, for that matter.  YOU have to plan, study, prepare, work…work some more and learn to listen so that YOU can reach the next level of greatness as an athlete. In other words do what’s needed to get off the bench.

Always remember it’s not about who YOU play for, it’s not about who your parents are,  it’s not about who your friends with, it’s about YOU doing what’s needed to standout! My question is simple: What are you going to do to stand out?

Cynthia F. Guillory