Dear Student-Athlete,

You have unconsciously been your own worst enemy.

Let me explain in detail. When you were born, you were surrounded with a powerful energy and aura that has set you above the rest. You possess the power to be truly great, and YOU have a way for you to reclaim this powerful energy.

When I look at everyone that’s in this sports world it’s unclear to me when exactly you lost your connection to your powerful self being. It seems to have happened sometime when YOU stop giving your all, listening to the wrong people, not taking care of your body, lost focus on what direction you should take. And when other realize that you were vulnerable and sensitive to negative waves penetrating your well-being, this caused a downward spiral that has left you depleted physically, and emotionally.

Get around teachers, coaches, trainers and especially seek advice from your parents so they can lead you back to the winning ways that were destined for you!


Cynthia F. Guillory